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FOR SALE Expensive - 1st Production Cheetah Built Rare Rare Rare !!

1964 Bill Thomas Genuine #003 Cheetah Certified and restored to Museum quality here at the official BTM of Arizona.

We lead by EXAMPLE. This car is the 1st production fiberglass body Cheetah ordered by Alan Green Chevrolet and sponsored by Bardahl. It was a very special ordered Cheetah in Full Race Trim as it was going to the 1964 Daytona SCCA/FIA GT races in Feb 1964.

Jerry Grant drove it in Qualifying runs and break in runs of the tires and brakes. Unfortunately he went off the track and hurt the front bonnet and the very front of the chassis. So it DNS the race. It went back to Thomas for a rebuild. Don Edmunds remembers Jerry hitting 215, 217 MPH there and Jerry came in to the pit area and Don told him how fast he was running. Well, he never went over 188MPH after having that talk with Don.

This Cheetah was 1st production Cheetah ordered back in August 63 by Alan Green. Bill always said it was the number 3 car built after both #001 & #002 Aluminum prototypes were completed by Dec of 1963. Since Bill had to talk GM into a prototype all aluminum, 58mm weber Experimental engine, and Experimental 2.92 Aluminum Grand Sport rear end, the car was finished just in time to test at Riverside; then it was shipped to Daytona.

This Cheetah also was built with special front aluminum air dams up front to guide air through the Giant NASCAR Radiator. It also came with L&R plus rear fuel tanks. Even the special Daytona rear tow tabs are still on the chassis.

Painted in a the time the famous Bardahl Yellow and Black writing with white circles and deep Red number 17. It is just striking to see in real life. It was the most exotic built production Cheetah to come out of Bill's shop. This is the fourth Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah restored at BTM of Arizona. Yes it is clear to see here proof positive who my Hero was Bill Thomas Jr. Sad we lost him in Oct 2009 It shows in all the examples of his cars we are proud to work on today. Bill is smiling down on me for sure.

We still have the Very Rare #002 Aluminum prototype in restoration and I am still working on it's up-to-date Appraisal. I believe it to exceed 3 to 4 Million $$$.

It also went to GM proving grounds for evaluation tests. Plus, the rarest of them all is still in restoration stage my 1 of 1 1965 Aluminum prototype 427 Le Mans Super Cheetah. We are making unprecedented Bill Thomas Cheetah History.


Call Mr. Auxier at (623) 606-3155 or Email

1964 Bill Thomas Genuine #003 Cheetah

Alan Green Cheetah For Sale

Alan Green Cheetah For Sale
Alan Green Cheetah For Sale
Alan Green Cheetah For Sale
Alan Green Cheetah For Sale
SOLD 1964 Very Rare Bill Thomas Cheetah #006
Certified and restored to Museum quality by the Official BTM of Arizona.
Dossier produced by BTM.

Ordered new by Jack Goodman owner of Clarence Dixon Cadillac Hollywood California.

It was ordered new with 327 375HP Corvette engine Muncie 4 speed 3.55 gears triple fuel tanks. It started racing in July 1964, By May 1965 Bill Thomas shop added dual radiators 396/427 iron head L88 M-22 rock crusher Front disc brakes wide body rear fenders 10" rear Ansen wheels. Spring of 67 Bill Thomas would install the new 67 Corvette HD Aluminum Head 427 L88. The car raced up until the end of 1969 in Salt Lake City Utah by its owner Sid Harmon.

Robert Auxier purchased it from the Estate of David Luria Portland Oregon Dec 2014. After completion of this car, he then took it to Goodwood FOS in England. Here's the story directly from Bob...

For the first time ever for a Genuine Cheetah it was invited to Goodwood FOS in England. I just made it by finishing up the full restoration early June 2016 but missed the Ship over, So I had to Fly it over. I was able to show it off and I got to drive the Hill Climb.

The best experience of my life time.

We took it to Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Arizona event Auction, It bid to $850K -- no sale so I took it home. Later in the year a Collector called and bought it, Our asking price was $1,000,000. The most awesome Full Race Cheetah on the planet, 1 Bad Ass Bill Thomas Creation. Now its in the history books.

1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah #006


1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah #006
1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah #006 2
1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah #006 3
1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah #006 4
1964 Alan Green Chevrolet #007 Bill Thomas Cheetah Street Car

Restored to Museum quality with 1964 Cadillac Met Green & Green matching interior.
Documented with Title history having its Genuine Bill Thomas issued ID#.
Very Rare indeed.
This Genuine Cheetah has been Certified By BTM and comes with letter of Authenticity. Plus it comes with Dossier made by BTM.

  • Original Motor C/E/C Bill Thomas built 377
  • Rochester Fuel Injection Muncie 4 speed
Alan Green Cheetah For Sale Original Images