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BTM Tribute Cheetah #032 Delivered

Very Proud to deliver another BTM tribute cheetah this week #032 350 Chevrolet engine, Muncie 4 speed, 3.55 gears. 2014 Corvette Yellow.

2017-06-12 14.24.59 2017-06-12 14.26.50

BTM Tribute Cheetah #033 Delivered

2017-04-29 11.26.26 2017-04-29 11.28.15

BTM is proud of Delivering another Tribute Cheetah #033 350 Chevrolet engine 4 speed Muncie 3.36 gears. Riverside Red with White hood stripe.

Bill Thomas Cheetah Goodwood Congratulations Don Edmunds

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 Congratulations came from Don Edmunds July 6th 2016 8:30 am for BTM participation in being the first to present the Finest restored Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah at this event. Don was hired to help Bill Thomas design and build the 2 Alloy prototype Cheetah Coupes and design he did, He drew up the wild first drawings that would wind up becoming the Cheetah Coupe design. Don was also in charge of the chassis and unique suspension design with Bill input all the way through. The funny thing was Bill wanted the engine in the back, Don wanted it up front, GM said (no) to rear engine design in Cheetah period they told Bill. So Bill & Don decided to put it mid ship now its history. He then built the wooden buck over the new chassis that produced 2 Alloy bodies for car #001 & car #002. Bill Thomas & Don Edmunds worked great together to produce one of (America’s) Coolest true Sports Car. After #001 & #002 were completed Don did work part time helping finish up #003, #004, #005 that went to Daytona Feb 1964. He was there with Jerry Grant watching him hit speeds he never seen before in Sports Car Racing. He told Grant how fast he was running 214, 215, 217, 218 MPH. The next thing he knew Grant went of the track and damaged the Yellow #17 Alan Green Chevrolet Cheetah. Don explained he just did not want anyone to get hurt in one of these Cheetahs Its just out right blistering fast even for Don Edmunds who is not easily intimidated by speed. Of coarse we all need to know Don was Rookie of the year at Indy 500 in 1957. Don Edmunds is also known World wide for his Racing Sprint Cars his company built. I want to thank Don for the help he gave me back in 1992 & 93 with Chassis drawings and body drawings, Plus he gave me copies of the entire drive line layout he was to use to build the 1st chassis. Engine trans rear end tires & wheels Etc,. and all there sizes. Very cool stuff. Don has been a good friend since the 1st meeting with him in 1992. I respect Don very much for all his Racing efforts and helping Bill give us what we call today the Bill Thomas Cheetah. Don deserves great Credit today for his behind the scenes work and monumental task Bill gave him in helping create Cheetah. What A Great Time It Was in Automotive Racing History.

Cheetah 03

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Bill Thomas Cheetah Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2016

We are very proud to have been invited to the June 23rd thru 26th 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed event in the UK. This event is the most spectacular Race Car event in the World. To be able to have a limited number of some of the finest race cars & race drivers is a sight to see in person. Let alone all the top auto manufactures set up on the opposite side of the Hill Climb. I think every real automotive enthusiast should see this event once in there life time, there is nothing to compare it to in America. To be able to put together such event with nearly 300,000 attending from all over the World is a monumental achievement. Lord March is the man behind this spectacular event and it is no less than Brilliant.

For the Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah known as the 1964 Clarence Dixon Cadillac Race Car there is no higher platform to achieve, It has made Cheetah history by being the first Cheetah ever to participate at the Festival of Speed 2016. I had the pleasure of staging & driving up the hill climb 5 times and in my career it tops anything I have done to date. Cheetah ran perfectly and for the 427 L88 spec engine it really came to life off the start line and up the hill. What a thrill to drive Bill’s most famous advanced Cheetah ever built, even in the rain with no wipers I stayed on the track with a set of Museum Firestone Indy tires. Yes ice skates is more like it. But the challenge was to great to let it pass by. A 90″ wheel base 2200 Lb 650HP Cheetah in the rain up hill. Incredible to say the least.

From the first word of a possible invite to Goodwood last Sept 2015 to the final early Feb confirmation I knew game was on and Clarence Dixon Cheetah #33 had to make its appointment with the hill. Now its history.

This Very Famous Genuine Cheetah is Certified by letter of Authenticity produced by BTMLLC of Arizona.

View short story “This Cheetah Is A Full-Size Slot Car” on Goodwood website:




2016-06-25 03.51.28

2016-06-26 06.22.40

Bill Thomas 1964 Clarence Dixon Cadillac Hollywood California Cheetah Race Car found


2016-05-30 13.00.02

2016-05-30 13.59.38

2016-05-30 14.15.30

2016-05-30 14.17.41

2016-04-29 08.43.06

The 1963 Sebring Silver Code 941 is back on the Clarence Dixon Cadillac Cheetah after 50 years, All lettered up looks like 1965 again. The most Bad Ass 1 of 1 produced 427 L88 Cheetah on the Planet. It is an incredible to sight to see in Real Life. This Cheetah is the finest example of a Full Race Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah. It is the #1 Cheetah to own in the World. Its restoration in the Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah World is 2nd to None. Spectacular to see this Very Rare Beast in person.

We are so proud to have in our shop the Original 1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah I.D #006 that was sold to Clarence Dixon Cadillac of Hollywood California. This 64 Model Cheetah is the most advanced Bill Thomas Cheetah of all the 64 Models built. It was ordered brand new in Sebring Silver Black interior 327 360HP Fuel Injection Corvette Engine with the 3 long distance fuel tanks, rear tank plus the very rare left & right side tanks. Bill Thomas Race Cars added the dual air meter racing fuel injection system shortly after it was built to go Road Racing in FIA/SCCA events on the west coast. We will be posting all the Race History on the New Clarence Dixon Cheetah web page coming soon. The Oct 1965 Riverside FIA Races seen action with the new advanced Cheetah by Bill Thomas Race Cars having the new Special built 396 425HP Corvette Engine matched up with an M22 HD 4 Speed with 3.55 gear set. A front set of 65 production Corvette disc brakes were added along with the Wide body rear left & right wheel flares. These advancements were all done by the Original Manufacturer Bill Thomas Race Cars.
Yes there is more incredible big block Cheetah History with this car, we have pictures from 1967 with the 427 Alloy head L88 Bill Thomas Engine under the hood with cool clear Plexi glass hood scoop. This car also drag raced with the L88 in it Aug/Sept 1967. Road Race #’s were 33, 1, 11.
This is the most valued treasure of all Cheetahs found to date next to the 1965 Super Cheetah.
Robert Auxier of BTM learned of this very rare cat in 1993 and the owner did not have a Phone So I had to write letters to him, He would return my letters saying it was not for sale at any price. I was never allowed to see this Cheetah until Nov 29th 2014 where I made the deal to purchase it. The past owner had purchased it in 1972 and it was very rare he ever took it out. The sad part of this great story is I had to wait all these years until the owner passed away to even be able to get a look at this piece of Cheetah History.
The amazing part is that it still has its Original Bill Thomas body & the rear wide body flares, Chassis & suspension with all original interior plus the original rear alloy fuel tank among many other original components still intact today. This is one of BTM’s finest gifts to be able to unearth this Treasure and restore it. We are documenting every step of the way in restoration so that the Finest SCCA/FIA Example Cheetah gets to be set in stone in the Bill Thomas Cheetah Race Cars Book.
The Chassis & suspension and Drive line is restored. It is spectacular sight to see, 1967 Perfect M22 is restored,The original body is stripped down to bare glass to show its the real thing. Even the front aluminum air dam off the hood is Genuine Bill Thomas Race Cars, It will be painted back to Sebring silver #33.
Bill Thomas built many 396/427 mill Iron head L88 engines in 1965 & 66. In fact he built 3 for 1965 Chevrolet Impala NASCAR (65) season.


Dixon Cadillac Cheetah 005

2016-03-21 08.24.59

1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah A Genuine #007 Alan Green Chevrolet fully restored by BTM of Arizona.

Restoration update on the Genuine 1964 ID #007 Bill Thomas Cheetah sold to Alan Green Chevrolet for (Booky) Alan Green’s wife to drive on street & some Drag Racing events, She Loved driving her Green Cheetah. Delivered in Aug 64 as a 327 360HP Fuel Injection 4 speed 3.55 Gears, Painted In Cadillac (Green) Met with Green interior, This Color Combo really fits the style of the Cheetah. It is a stunning sight to see it all together again in real life, This Cheetah will be the 1st to set the Bar how a Genuine as delivered Bill Thomas Cheetah is built. I even rescued its Genuine Original 327/377 Engine from its 2nd owner on July 4th 2014, Yes its back where it belongs in #007 restoration. This car is finally together after 1,000′s of Hours in Restoration work plus 1,000′s of hours of research time. What an exciting time it is at BTM. This is he Finest Genuine restored Bill Thomas Cheetah on the Planet. Bill Thomas made the right choice picking the Auxiers to carry on his Legacy. Bill is smiling down on Auxiers where we stand today in Bill Thomas Cheetah History. I thank my Hero Bill Thomas everyday I walk out into my Cheetah shop. It is truly amazing the Gifts given to the Auxiers in regard to setting Genuine Cheetah History straight. Bill turned over the rains of his Cheetah to the Auxiers back in Dec 2001.
This #007 Cheetah has its Very Rare Documents on its original issued Bill Thomas ID # back into the 60′s,. We are very proud restoring Bill Thomas/Alan Green Chevrolet History in the Cheetah World.

We are within a few days now of completing this amazing restoration, For the 1st time since 1970 the original Bill Thomas 377 engine was fired up and broke in today 2-15-16, What a beast to hear in person, It shook the ground around the shop today, What a Pleasure to work on such a car. This is one Bad Ass Cat. Don’t be fooled by the Stunning Green paint this Cat can Run.

With restoration completed on Feb 17th 2016 we are very proud of this Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah, This Genuine Cheetah is certified by letter of Authenticity produced by BTMLLC of Arizona.




2016-02-17 15.49.44

2016-02-17 15.51.05

Bill Thomas Cheetah A Tribute wide body car

Update on our Tribute series, The all new wide body with hood vented holes. It is one Bad Ass Cat. This one is a 383 Alloy head 430HP version 4 speed Muncie, 3.36 gears, Fuel cell, forward roll bar, 10″ rear American Racing Wheels. New Coil overs & new spring rates have been documented in this build. This car runs and drives Fantastic. The Best built in the World.
We don’t need Letters signed by Bill any longer to prove our status in the Cheetah World, Bill Thomas gave (us) the only company in the World ever to have Full Exclusive rights to Continue building his Cheetah. Of Coarse we are going forward building the Finest Tribute Bill Thomas Cheetah built today. Watch for our (New Company website coming soon). With all the new .com pages, BTM Is & has been used as a historical site and documenting history and will be used for our BTM Clothing line sales of everything we have been selling over the past 15 years. It does not build Continuation Cheetahs.

2015-12-16 16.53.25

2015-12-16 16.54.49

Bill Thomas Cheetah A Genuine GM Alloy #001 Test car

Super Cheetah has removed the very rare Genuine 1963 (GM) #001 Test car Alloy bonnet, Main roll bar and a few chassis pieces used from the alloy test car that were incorporated into the 1965 1 of 1 Le Mans 427 Alloy Super Cheetah Proto-Type. Well it is 2″ to short for Super Cheetah and it has a 3/16′s hole drilled for tech, Plus it was cut off the GM test car due to not much was left that was not bent after it was wrecked. Bill made the Alloy GM test cheetah chassis out of (.049 wall.) Or O to thin as Bill would say. Super Cheetah has now completed restoration of Chassis for the GM test car. For this very unique restoration we have included the Genuine Alloy Fuel Tank, Genuine L&R Alloy Proto-Type doors, Genuine 63 Grand Sport Alloy Rear end, Plus many Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah components. Including the VERY RARE CEC EXP 1963 Z-06/Cheetah Bill Thomas 377 Block that came in the Super Cheetah after Bill removed the R&D 427 Iron Head L88 with 58mm down draft webers that was meant for Le Mans 1965. This is Very Big News for the Real Bill Thomas Cheetah Fans. GM test Cheetah is now Certified with all these Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah Parts. Restoration is to be completed by mid 2017. The plans for this Cheetah will finalize Bills Dream for the Cheetah. It will be the 1st Genuine Cheetah to get FIA HTP. Yes indeed this makes 6 Genuine Cheetahs that get restoration work done here. Making Cheetah History is our game, In fact we are the Leader of the pack. For the honor to work on & restore 6 Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetahs says it all. We understand today nobody can take the Power of our Knowledge away that has taken over 22 years to retain.

2015-10-07 10.40.32

2015-10-07 10.41.41

2015-10-07 10.41.48

1963 Bill Thomas Aluminum GM test Cheetah proto type

We have made a choice to make History again with the separation of the 1963 Genuine Aluminum proto type parts grafted to the rear of the 65 Super Cheetah.
We here at BTM are going to remove all Genuine Aluminum parts of the 63 proto type Model and start restoration of #001 GM TEST Cheetah. We will add our Genuine L&R Aluminum doors to the project.
So we will remove the front Bonnet section, The cowl section, Side cowl sections L&R, The roof front t-panel, with addition of the Genuine doors the body will be near 65% Genuine #001 body.
We also have the very Rare 327 CEC EXP early engine we will use for the restoration of #001. We will use many Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah parts for this restoration, It will truly be a rolling Bill Thomas Museum. We will be making unprecedented Bill Thomas Cheetah History with this restoration. This #001 Aluminum Cheetah has great value to it all on its own, We cant lose the History within the Super Cheetah restoration.
Super Cheetah will then have replacement parts created to replace the Genuine Aluminum parts removed.
We are very excited to have made this choice after a few years not understanding how to move forward on Super Cheetah with these 1st design Aluminum proto type parts on it. Of coarse it makes sense now to restore both cars, #001 1963 proto type as received by GM for testing, Plus restore the 1965 Aluminum Super Cheetah as the Le Mans 427 Racer proto type that was to be used for the base to produce the all new 1965 Model Cheetah for Street & Racing.
Stay tuned for more to follow.
YES, Bill Thomas produced (2) 1963 Model Aluminum proto types, 1 for GM Testing and the 2nd for advertising and Racing. The rest is History now.

Robert Auxier !

1964 Daytona Bill Thomas Cheetah

Scan_20141226 (2)
Bill Thomas Daytona I.D #003 1964 Cheetah built for Alan Green Chevrolet, Also sponsored by BARDAHL. Painted Mustard Yellow with white circles and Red #17 numbers. This is the 1st Fiberglass Cheetah Ordered from Bill Thomas Race Cars.
We are very proud to announce, We have in our shop for restoration The Most Valuable 1964 Model Daytona Cheetah Driven by the Famous Great Racer Jerry Grant. Restoration starts Jan 2015. Robert Auxier has done extensive research on the 3 Alan Green Cheetahs built for Alan Green Chevrolet out of Seattle WA. This Yellow Cheetah went to Daytona with the #17 on it with Jerry Grant Slated to drive it. With testing time completed at Daytona Jerry was running blistering lap times never before seen at Daytona, He was hitting 214, 217 & 218 MPH speeds. It was a sight to see and made Shelby & Enzo very upset that day recalled Bill Thomas. Remember this is Feb 1964. The most Exotic 64 Model Cheetah ever built with a combination of the Bill Thomas lite weight Cheetah and a (on loan) Chevrolet R&D 377 cu.in all Aluminum 58mm Weber side draft Grand Sport Engine with the Grand Sport Alloy Rear 2.92 to 1 gear ratio Special code stamped in housing and ring gear stamped with O- Part number and a Jan 1964 Date Experimental. Well, all I have to say is check the top speeds recorded for the week at the Daytona Continental 1964 International Speedway. Funny Side note; Is Bill delivered this Daytona Cheetah with just a Wheel mounted with No Tire on it. Great news is this was an SCCA/FIA Sanctioned event, Bill Thomas was given 4 numbers to use for his Cheetahs to race #14, #15, #16, #17 at this event. Jerry Titus wrecked #16 just days before it was to be shipped to Daytona. #17 was damaged in qualifying with Jerry Grant at the wheel. The front chassis section and suspension, plus the bonnet took a bit of a beaten. We just found 2 never before published Daytona pictures of this Cheetah and 1 is the most incredible Picture found to date, Plus we have The most professional Full side shot of the #14 Cheetah with the Pure Oil sign in the back ground, Yes we just found a great shot of the #15 Cheetah. These pictures are still pictures with these cars just setting there waiting to go out on the track.
More of this great discovery & rescue by Robert Auxier.
P.S. We ask that if any Cheetah fans have pictures of this Yellow Daytona Cheetah at Daytona or in production at Bill Thomas Race Cars. Contact Bill Thomas Museum Archive Historian: Robert Auxier in Phoenix Az, Cell # 623-606-3155.
Also stay tuned for our new AlanGreenChevrolet Website coming soon!!!
We will be announcing the date of our Bill Thomas Original Cheetah Exhibit display. It will be spectacular to see so many Genuine Original Cheetahs in one place including the Alan Green Street Cheetah side by side with the Alan Green Daytona Cheetah. Plus the original Clarence Dixon Cadillac Race Cheetah & the PSA airlines Cheetah all setting next to the Worlds most Valuable 1965 427 Super Cheetah Proto-type. Yes we here at BTM are making History and furthermore the Late Great Bill Thomas would be proud of us here at BTM setting in stone the History of his Rare (Original) Cheetahs.
Written by Robert Auxier 12-26-2014.