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Bill Thomas Cheetah Official Production ID numbers

Official release of Bill Thomas Cheetah File ID numbers.

66364001  June 1963 built 1964 Model 1st Aluminum body prototype. Riverside Red 327 375HP Fuel Injected Corvette engine T-10 4 speed Grand Sport Aluminum rear end. Built as an exercise to show C/E/C Bill Thomas could build a light weight Sports Racer to compete with the Shelby Cobra on the Race Track.  #001 was evaluated at GM proving grounds in Warren Mich. Bill Thomas bought #001 back when they were finished testing it. It was then prepared for the Oct 13th 1963 Riverside los Angeles Times Grand Prix Race where a hot shot driver named Don Horvath was only to take it for a few laps to warm it up before the race event. Well Horvath wrecked the right front going into turn 9 and it was damaged enough it could not start the race. It went back to Bill’s shop where they repaired it for the Feb 2nd of 1964 Riverside SCCA divisional race where driver Jerry Titus wrecked it in the 1st lap A radiator hose broke and poured fluid onto the rear tires just as he was going by pit road and he spun it and hit the hay bales backward and damaged the rear body & light weight chassis. This #001 was considered total loss by insurance company.  Bill Thomas himself recounted using the remains of the Cowl header and bonnet plus main roll hoop to help produce the Prototype 1965 427 Le Mans Super Cheetah.

126364002 Dec 1963 built 1964 Model 2nd Aluminum body prototype. #002 prototype still has its Genuine Bill Thomas issued Serial Number ID Tag on it. This is the most spectacular Cheetah news to come to light in 2018. Built to be Bill Thomas Race Cars Promotional car & personal light weight Competition GT Sports Racer. #002 was nearly a twin to #001 except the side pipe difference and the chassis was tight radius bends from the tubing company now bending all the chassis tubes for production. Compared to the #001 Don Edmunds hand built and bent large radius bend chassis. Painted in Riverside Red 327 375HP Fuel Injected Corvette engine T-10 4 speed Grand Sport Aluminum rear end. Chassis was special light weight 4130 chrome moly .049 wall Chassis. It was late Feb 64 after the Chevrolet R&D guys recorded some record breaking speeds of 215 217 MPH at the Feb Daytona Sports Car event with 3 Cheetahs hot lapping & qualifying there. Bill was asked to send them his prototype to evaluate it again on the track and skid pad. Bill shipped it off to the proving grounds. I have R&D Test reports with test dates from early as June 20th 63 and as late as April 64. In April 64 it was prepared for April 19th national open Phoenix International Raceway PIR Race and the April 26th Riverside USRRC Race . Where Jerry Titus would race it in Red with race number 58 with new dual air meter Fuel Injection. Within a short time it was Damaged testing at Riverside it would be rebuilt Funded by Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines with fiberglass body and painted white with Red & Blue stripes up the hood and would Have Hurst Special Cheetah on the front fenders. It was flared front and rear with race number 58 on it,  Bill Thomas Special built 377 dual air meter fuel injection engine installed and large rear fuel tank with side filler cap.  After the Oct Riverside event Bill Thomas Race Cars would add the wide body rear flares and raced a few more events in  Sports Car Racing. Then it was sold to Bill Burke of Salt Flats Fame. Bill Burke had Bill Thomas Race Cars shop prepare it for Drag racing where they did some 1/2 Mile drags at Riverside. Then it was prepared for the salt flats with a Blown & injected 700HP big inch Olds engine. Article and pictures of it but No Record going to the Flats and racing to date. (Bill Thomas Race Cars also prepared a 1967 Camaro for Bill Burke to run at the salt flats.) Cheetah was then Sold to Mr. Thorn in 1967 of Oklahoma he did some Drag racing and sold it in Tulsa Oklahoma 1969 where it was put into a Cattle barn for around 30 years then removed and put into the New barn and just sat there for another 19 years, it was just Sold and removed Dec 30th 2017. Restoration in progress by BTM Bill Thomas Motors.

16464003 Jan 1964 built 1964 Model 1st Fiberglass Production Cheetah built as Full Competition car Painted Yellow with number 17 on it. Ordered by Alan Green Chevrolet where it was shipped to Daytona  For the Daytona Continental and the American Challenge Cup races. Where Jerry Grant was testing it and qualified it. It was a Special build with all aluminum C/E/C  EXP engine with 58mm side drafts T-10 4 speed and Grand Sport aluminum rear axle with 2.92 ratio with a Pontiac Large Nascar Radiator to help cool this special engine. Sponsored by Bardahl, First Cheetah to get sponsored by major company. Jerry damaged it so it went back to get Rebuilt at Bill’s shop. Restoration in progress by BTM Bill Thomas Motors.

16464004 Jan 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Built as Full Competition car Painted Dark Blue with number 14 on it. Special built Corvette Engine 327/377 cubic inch 470HP with the Bill Thomas Special built dual air meter fuel injection with R&D Muncie roller bearing 1st gear 4 speed and an R&D 2.92 rear axle . Also optioned with the triple fuel tanks for long range races 1 rear and 1 left side & 1 right side. These special Thomas drive lines were the reason the (3) Daytona Cheetahs were all running speeds from 200 to 217 MPH. Sold to Ralf Salyer out of Hammond Indiana. Went to Daytona Feb 64 and finished 14th, This Cheetah became the winningest Cheetah built, It was turned into a roadster in 64 and was very successful.

#005 History: Revoked.

46464006 April 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Built as Street car Painted Sebring Silver. Sold New to Jack Goodman owner of Clarence Dixon Cadillac Hollywood California. Shortly after taking delivery Jack would get his competition license in his new Cheetah and asked Bill to prepare into a Full Competition car. It was fitted with Left & Right fuel tanks plus standard rear tank, dual air meter fuel injection and it went racing with #33 on it , Mid 65 Bill would build a 427 iron head L88 spec engine for it and install it with the new HD m-22 Muncie trans, Plus install a second radiator and add his wide rear body flares. Early 1967 Bill would install the famous Corvette 427 430HP Factory L88 in it. This car raced in the Salt Lake City Utah area this way until the end 1969 when it was sold to a California buyer, Who in turn sold it within a few years to Dave Laura in Oregon in 1972. Dave did not put many miles on it and stashed it away from public for 42 years. Restored by BTM Bill Thomas Motors June 2016.

86464007 Aug 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Built as a Street car Painted Cadillac Green Met. Sold new to Alan Green Chevrolet for the Dealer Promotional car, His wife Booky enjoyed driving it and even Drag Raced it. Restored Feb 17th 2016 by BTM Bill Thomas Motors.

36464008 March 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines Funded. Built as Full Competition car Riverside Red Engine Special built Bill Thomas 377 dual air meter Fuel Injection Left & Right fuel tanks plus standard rear tank, dual radiators rear aluminum body flares. Bill’s Team Road Race car. Driven by Jerry Titus. Raced with number 16, 36. This Cheetah was given to John Grow owner of Rialto Chevrolet when him and Bill Thomas parted ways. This car was considered payment in full for all money John Grow gave Bill Thomas for Helping finance the Cheetah program early on, There business dealings were over after this car was turned over to John. John sold the Titus car shortly after running an add for sale.

76464009 July 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Built for Drag Racing, Riverside Red Bill Thomas 377 dual air meter fuel injection engine. Sold to Don Greib

76464010 July 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines funded this Bill Thomas personal Drag Car, Riverside Red Bill Thomas 377 dual air meter fuel injection engine, Record holder in 1965 Race numbers 58 & 396.

106464013 Oct 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production Street car Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines funded this Bill Thomas Sears Allstate Promotional car. This Cheetah was totaled in the Fire of Sept 65 rebuilt by Bill’s Shop. Yes it is a dual ID Number Cheetah. It was given to Doug Crouthers as payment for back rent $3,440. Never getting delivered until Bill Thomas Sold it to an Ohio man Dec/Jan 1967 for $3,440. To recover money owed to Doug for past rent. One (1) Ohio owner for 50 years incredible. Restored Sept 22 2017 by BTM Bill Thomas Motors.

46664029 April 1966 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production Street car. This Cheetah was totaled in the Fire of Sept 1965 rebuilt under new 2nd ID number and sold to Ed King.

#001 1 of 1 1965 Model Aluminum Prototype Le Mans 427 Super Cheetah Project started in March 1964, Unique 1 of 1 Chassis built for the new 1965 Model. It was not a carry over chassis. A 1964 Model Chassis was Never used for Super Cheetah build. GM pulled all back door funding for the entire Cheetah project in May 1964, Leaving Super Cheetah unfinished and Bill’s Dream of Le Mans in 65 with the New 427 Iron Head L88  Super Cheetah  and the Street Model shut done completely. Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines did help with partial funding Super Cheetah and Bill got it to a roller stage with 427 4 speed 2.92 axle drive line. Then the fire hit. Super Cheetah Dream was Dead. Bill Thomas Race Cars went Bankrupt Early Summer 1970 Super Cheetah was sold at Sheriffs auction to Don Edmunds for $300 Don would own it for about a year and then he put it up for sale in the Competition press in Aug 1971 where Mr Duke from Tennessee came out to Don’s shop and bought it for $1575. Mr Duke Family sold it to Robert Auxier Sept 10 2011 40 years after Mr Duke bought it and stashed it in his sisters Barn door garage. Super Cheetah today is under restoration at BTM Bill Thomas Motors completion in 2018.

Production number total is 29 cars with only 15 Cheetahs accounted for in the World today. 10 in the USA and 5 out of country.

There is a good number of Cheetahs that were damaged and considered totaled by insurance and Bill Thomas Race Cars would remanufacture these Cheetahs under a new ID Number giving them a history of Dual ID Numbers today.  4 Cheetahs in the 1965 Sept Fire were Totaled by Insurance.

There are confirmed 3 Export Cheetahs.

Copy right property of BTMLLC

Bill Thomas Cheetah Prototype Aluminum #002 Barn Find

BTM is Very Proud to announce the Very Very Rare 1964 Bill Thomas Genuine #002 Aluminum Prototype Cheetah was just Purchased out of Barn in Oklahoma Dec 30th 2017. The Greatest Cheetah news to date and it still has its Genuine Bill Thomas Serial ID tag on it. This is 100% proof this car that sat in 2 different barns for 49 years with 1 owner Is the Famous Bill Thomas Prototype that also was evaluated at Chevrolet Engineering Center. Both #001 & #002 Prototypes had Serial ID tags Both evaluated by Chevrolet. This car was Bill’s Factory Road Race Cheetah, Racing New in Red with 58 race number and Titus behind the wheel mid 1964, This Cheetah was rebodied for the 1964 Oct Riverside Grand Prix Painted White with Black Circles with Race Number 58 and Flared front and rear. 1 of 1 Built with rear Big Fuel Tank. Rear body raised up 2 inches, Running a 377 R&D dual Air Meter Fuel injected engine. The owner history is Crystal Clear. It took me 24 years to make this dream come true. It is now setting in my shop here at the Official BTM Bill Thomas Motors with restoration starting Jan 4th 2018. With the Genuine #003 Alan Green Daytona Cheetah near Completion setting right next it and My #001 65 427 Le Mans Super Cheetah setting in front of them, Now this is what dreams are made of. This makes it the 7th Genuine Cheetah I am an owner in or have done restorations on or both. 2018 will be a Trend Setting Year for the Genuine BTM Bill Thomas Motors of Arizona.

This Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah ID Tag #126364002 1964 Prototype Aluminum car is documented and Certified by Genuine BTM of Arizona. Please understand that the Jerry Titus Cheetah sold to Jerry Entin was a fiberglass body Cheetah with a production chassis #008 (NOT) #002. It does not have its Special hand bent prototype .049 Chassis, Does Not have original Alloy Body, It has (0) Zero aluminum original unique interior parts, (NO #002 Tag) No 2nd radiator mounting brackets. No side tank brackets. It has the 1965-66 very late rear trailing arms and front lower A-arms. BTM Bill Thomas conclusion 100% Fact the Albert/Ron Way Cheetah is (NOT) #008 Titus Cheetah period.  Jerry Entin & Fred Yeakel internet statements that Jerry Entin sold this Cheetah 49 year Barn Find #002 to Albert Way is 100% (FALSE) The Albert Way Cheetah is (NOT) #001  #002 or Titus car #008. I have 100′s of detailed pictures documenting the Albert/Ron Way Cheetah before he bought and 100′s of detailed pictures in restoration. In Don Edmunds new book just released in the Bill Thomas Cheetah Chapter he states Jerry Entin owned Chassis #002  This statement is 100% (FALSE).

10474959984_d8725e21c7_o10474598245_4cf3d44bd7_oimage1Scan_20171217Scan_20180102Scan_201801032018-01-03 09.49.552017-12-30 09.42.01

1965 #001 Super Cheetah 427 Aluminum 1 of 1 Le Mans Prototype In restoation at BTM

Bill Thomas Holy Grail of the Cheetah World,this most Valuable 1965 Super Cheetah Coupe 427 Aluminum body Le Mans Prototype. #001 1 of 1 produced, Was in fact being built for the Le Mans 1965 Race in Europe. With the only one known to exist Genuine Bill Thomas built 1965 396/427 Iron Head L88 spec engine, Also has the very rare 427 Mystery Motor oil pan & very rare dated 64 Mystery Motor Holley carb. Dual Radiator system designed by Bill Thomas. Pontiac NASCAR radiator & Corvette 2nd radiator. Genuine early 1965 Bill Thomas Muncie 4 speed m22, Le Mans 272 ratio HD Rear IRS, 40 gallon fuel tank with spare tire mounted into the top. 15 X 7 American Magnesium TTD up front with NOS Goodyear Blue Streaks Sports Car Specials 7.00 x 15  Rears are American Magnesium 15 x 8.5 Drum brake with NOS Goodyear Blue Streaks Stock Car Specials 8.00/8.20 x 15. J56 front disc brakes, Z06 Rear drum setup. It will be painted Sebring Silver with a matching Silver Leather full interior. We are proud of the restoration and Completion moving forward here at BTMLLC of Arizona. Our plan is to have it ready to show by June 2018. This Cheetah was to be Bill’s Finest hour in automotive Cheetah manufacturing. Once GM took a look at it coming into reality in Bill’s Shop, it was just weeks later the Entire Cheetah program was shut down from any further support from Chevrolet R&D. May 1964 the heavy guarded (CHEVROLET BACKING) Top Secret Cheetah program would get the Axe. This Super Cheetah was seen as a direct threat to there flag ship Corvette. Bill Thomas owned this car from conception March 64 thru the Bankruptcy Of Bill Thomas Race Cars BTM-Bill Thomas Motors Mid 1970. Where it was sold to Don Edmunds at the Sheriff Auction. Don Sold it to Mr. Duke of Tennessee, Where I purchased it from the Widow of Mr. Duke in 2011.  So it has 4 owners since 1964.


2017-11-02 15.14.17-12017-11-24 11.17.53-12017-10-11 11.50.462017-10-11 11.53.172017-10-17 14.47.57-22017-10-11 11.48.122017-10-27 16.31.36-2



1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah #013 PSA Airlines Car Restored by BTMLLC of Arizona

1964 Bill Thomas Genuine Cheetah #013 ordered new by Friedkin Enterprises early 1964, When built new it was called the PSA Airlines car. It also carried Blue & white stripes up the hood, these colors were a PSA Airlines extra touch. Bill would end up using it as his companies Promo Car. Any Racer back in the day could take it out and Drag Race it on streets in LA, Dick Harrell Loved driving it. He let Sears Allstate use it many times to place in front of there service centers promoting there products like Batteries, Shocks, Tires, Wheels, Etc,. Sept 1965 it was caught up in the Fire at Bill Thomas Race Cars. At the time it was written off as a loss to insurance, Bill went ahead and replaced the body and windows put a stock 300HP engine in it primed it white and put it in the corner after issuing it its 2nd ID Number. Bill would give this Cheetah to owner of the Building Doug Caruthers for payment of Rent owed. Doug wound up putting WW. Tires and new wheels on it. Then it went back in the corner of Bill Thomas Race Cars. Current owner purchased it Jan 67 from Doug. Now today 9-22-2017 it is completely restored to Museum quality by BTMLLC of Arizona. Also known as Bill Thomas Motors. It has been test driven 1 mile and ready to be shipped to its owner who has had it 50 years this year. Incredible. It is the Only Cheetah out of 29 ID numbers to have a letter signed by Bill Thomas confirming it as Fact said Cheetah was produced at Bill Thomas Race Cars in 1964. It is now a Museum piece and should go back in a time Capsule. We are very proud to have completed its very high Bar restoration. It is the 3rd Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah restored by the World Famous Cheetah Guys at BTM of Arizona. The 1st company in history to accomplish this task. With 2 more Genuine Cheetahs due finished by mid 2018. The Genuine 1964 #003 Alan Green Daytona Race Car & And the #001 Very Rare 1 of 1 1965 Alloy prototype Le Mans 427 Super Cheetah. As you gather info here on our wonderful Cheetah site you can see very clearly Bill Thomas was my HERO !

This Genuine Cheetah is Certified by Letter of Authenticity produced by BTMLLC of Arizona.

2017-09-30 09.03.50-2 2017-09-30 09.06.26-2 2017-09-30 09.07.27-2 2017-09-30 09.08.36 2017-09-30 09.18.41 2017-09-30 09.23.57-1

BTM Tribute Cheetah #032 Delivered

Very Proud to deliver another BTM tribute cheetah this week #032 350 Chevrolet engine, Muncie 4 speed, 3.55 gears. 2014 Corvette Yellow.

2017-06-12 14.24.59 2017-06-12 14.26.50

BTM Tribute Cheetah #033 Delivered

2017-04-29 11.26.26 2017-04-29 11.28.15

BTM is proud of Delivering another Tribute Cheetah #033 350 Chevrolet engine 4 speed Muncie 3.36 gears. Riverside Red with White hood stripe.

Bill Thomas Cheetah Goodwood Congratulations Don Edmunds

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 Congratulations came from Don Edmunds July 6th 2016 8:30 am for BTM participation in being the first to present the Finest restored Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah at this event. Don was hired to help Bill Thomas design and build the 2 Alloy prototype Cheetah Coupes and design he did, He drew up the wild first drawings that would wind up becoming the Cheetah Coupe design. Don was also in charge of the chassis and unique suspension design with Bill input all the way through. The funny thing was Bill wanted the engine in the back, Don wanted it up front, GM said (no) to rear engine design in Cheetah period they told Bill. So Bill & Don decided to put it mid ship now its history. He then built the wooden buck over the new chassis that produced 2 Alloy bodies for car #001 & car #002. Bill Thomas & Don Edmunds worked great together to produce one of (America’s) Coolest true Sports Car. After #001 & #002 were completed Don did work part time helping finish up #003, #004, #005 that went to Daytona Feb 1964. He was there with Jerry Grant watching him hit speeds he never seen before in Sports Car Racing. He told Grant how fast he was running 214, 215, 217, 218 MPH. The next thing he knew Grant went of the track and damaged the Yellow #17 Alan Green Chevrolet Cheetah. Don explained he just did not want anyone to get hurt in one of these Cheetahs Its just out right blistering fast even for Don Edmunds who is not easily intimidated by speed. Of coarse we all need to know Don was Rookie of the year at Indy 500 in 1957. Don Edmunds is also known World wide for his Racing Sprint Cars his company built. I want to thank Don for the help he gave me back in 1992 & 93 with Chassis drawings and body drawings, Plus he gave me copies of the entire drive line layout he was to use to build the 1st chassis. Engine trans rear end tires & wheels Etc,. and all there sizes. Very cool stuff. Don has been a good friend since the 1st meeting with him in 1992. I respect Don very much for all his Racing efforts and helping Bill give us what we call today the Bill Thomas Cheetah. Don deserves great Credit today for his behind the scenes work and monumental task Bill gave him in helping create Cheetah. What A Great Time It Was in Automotive Racing History.

Cheetah 03

Scan_20150928 (16)

Scan_20150928 (27)

Bill Thomas Cheetah Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2016

We are very proud to have been invited to the June 23rd thru 26th 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed event in the UK. This event is the most spectacular Race Car event in the World. To be able to have a limited number of some of the finest race cars & race drivers is a sight to see in person. Let alone all the top auto manufactures set up on the opposite side of the Hill Climb. I think every real automotive enthusiast should see this event once in there life time, there is nothing to compare it to in America. To be able to put together such event with nearly 300,000 attending from all over the World is a monumental achievement. Lord March is the man behind this spectacular event and it is no less than Brilliant.

For the Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah known as the 1964 Clarence Dixon Cadillac Race Car there is no higher platform to achieve, It has made Cheetah history by being the first Cheetah ever to participate at the Festival of Speed 2016. I had the pleasure of staging & driving up the hill climb 5 times and in my career it tops anything I have done to date. Cheetah ran perfectly and for the 427 L88 spec engine it really came to life off the start line and up the hill. What a thrill to drive Bill’s most famous advanced Cheetah ever built, even in the rain with no wipers I stayed on the track with a set of Museum Firestone Indy tires. Yes ice skates is more like it. But the challenge was to great to let it pass by. A 90″ wheel base 2200 Lb 650HP Cheetah in the rain up hill. Incredible to say the least.

From the first word of a possible invite to Goodwood last Sept 2015 to the final early Feb confirmation I knew game was on and Clarence Dixon Cheetah #33 had to make its appointment with the hill. Now its history.

This Very Famous Genuine Cheetah is Certified by letter of Authenticity produced by BTMLLC of Arizona.

View short story “This Cheetah Is A Full-Size Slot Car” on Goodwood website:



2016-06-25 03.51.28

2016-06-26 06.22.40

Bill Thomas 1964 Clarence Dixon Cadillac Hollywood California Cheetah Race Car found


2016-05-30 13.00.02

2016-05-30 13.59.38

2016-05-30 14.15.30

2016-05-30 14.17.41

2016-04-29 08.43.06

The 1963 Sebring Silver Code 941 is back on the Clarence Dixon Cadillac Cheetah after 50 years, All lettered up looks like 1965 again. The most Bad Ass 1 of 1 produced 427 L88 Cheetah on the Planet. It is an incredible to sight to see in Real Life. This Cheetah is the finest example of a Full Race Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah. It is the #1 Cheetah to own in the World. Its restoration in the Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah World is 2nd to None. Spectacular to see this Very Rare Beast in person.

We are so proud to have in our shop the Original 1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah I.D #006 that was sold to Clarence Dixon Cadillac of Hollywood California. This 64 Model Cheetah is the most advanced Bill Thomas Cheetah of all the 64 Models built. It was ordered brand new in Sebring Silver Black interior 327 360HP Fuel Injection Corvette Engine with the 3 long distance fuel tanks, rear tank plus the very rare left & right side tanks. Bill Thomas Race Cars added the dual air meter racing fuel injection system shortly after it was built to go Road Racing in FIA/SCCA events on the west coast. We will be posting all the Race History on the New Clarence Dixon Cheetah web page coming soon. The Oct 1965 Riverside FIA Races seen action with the new advanced Cheetah by Bill Thomas Race Cars having the new Special built 396 425HP Corvette Engine matched up with an M22 HD 4 Speed with 3.55 gear set. A front set of 65 production Corvette disc brakes were added along with the Wide body rear left & right wheel flares. These advancements were all done by the Original Manufacturer Bill Thomas Race Cars.
Yes there is more incredible big block Cheetah History with this car, we have pictures from 1967 with the 427 Alloy head L88 Bill Thomas Engine under the hood with cool clear Plexi glass hood scoop. This car also drag raced with the L88 in it Aug/Sept 1967. Road Race #’s were 33, 1, 11.
This is the most valued treasure of all Cheetahs found to date next to the 1965 Super Cheetah.
Robert Auxier of BTM learned of this very rare cat in 1993 and the owner did not have a Phone So I had to write letters to him, He would return my letters saying it was not for sale at any price. I was never allowed to see this Cheetah until Nov 29th 2014 where I made the deal to purchase it. The past owner had purchased it in 1972 and it was very rare he ever took it out. The sad part of this great story is I had to wait all these years until the owner passed away to even be able to get a look at this piece of Cheetah History.
The amazing part is that it still has its Original Bill Thomas body & the rear wide body flares, Chassis & suspension with all original interior plus the original rear alloy fuel tank among many other original components still intact today. This is one of BTM’s finest gifts to be able to unearth this Treasure and restore it. We are documenting every step of the way in restoration so that the Finest SCCA/FIA Example Cheetah gets to be set in stone in the Bill Thomas Cheetah Race Cars Book.
The Chassis & suspension and Drive line is restored. It is spectacular sight to see, 1967 Perfect M22 is restored,The original body is stripped down to bare glass to show its the real thing. Even the front aluminum air dam off the hood is Genuine Bill Thomas Race Cars, It will be painted back to Sebring silver #33.
Bill Thomas built many 396/427 mill Iron head L88 engines in 1965 & 66. In fact he built 3 for 1965 Chevrolet Impala NASCAR (65) season.


Dixon Cadillac Cheetah 005

2016-03-21 08.24.59

1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah A Genuine #007 Alan Green Chevrolet fully restored by BTM of Arizona.

Restoration update on the Genuine 1964 ID #007 Bill Thomas Cheetah sold to Alan Green Chevrolet for (Booky) Alan Green’s wife to drive on street & some Drag Racing events, She Loved driving her Green Cheetah. Delivered in Aug 64 as a 327 360HP Fuel Injection 4 speed 3.55 Gears, Painted In Cadillac (Green) Met with Green interior, This Color Combo really fits the style of the Cheetah. It is a stunning sight to see it all together again in real life, This Cheetah will be the 1st to set the Bar how a Genuine as delivered Bill Thomas Cheetah is built. I even rescued its Genuine Original 327/377 Engine from its 2nd owner on July 4th 2014, Yes its back where it belongs in #007 restoration. This car is finally together after 1,000′s of Hours in Restoration work plus 1,000′s of hours of research time. What an exciting time it is at BTM. This is he Finest Genuine restored Bill Thomas Cheetah on the Planet. Bill Thomas made the right choice picking the Auxiers to carry on his Legacy. Bill is smiling down on Auxiers where we stand today in Bill Thomas Cheetah History. I thank my Hero Bill Thomas everyday I walk out into my Cheetah shop. It is truly amazing the Gifts given to the Auxiers in regard to setting Genuine Cheetah History straight. Bill turned over the rains of his Cheetah to the Auxiers back in Dec 2001.
This #007 Cheetah has its Very Rare Documents on its original issued Bill Thomas ID # back into the 60′s,. We are very proud restoring Bill Thomas/Alan Green Chevrolet History in the Cheetah World.

We are within a few days now of completing this amazing restoration, For the 1st time since 1970 the original Bill Thomas 377 engine was fired up and broke in today 2-15-16, What a beast to hear in person, It shook the ground around the shop today, What a Pleasure to work on such a car. This is one Bad Ass Cat. Don’t be fooled by the Stunning Green paint this Cat can Run.

With restoration completed on Feb 17th 2016 we are very proud of this Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah, This Genuine Cheetah is certified by letter of Authenticity produced by BTMLLC of Arizona.




2016-02-17 15.49.44

2016-02-17 15.51.05

Bill Thomas Cheetah A Tribute wide body car

Update on our Tribute series, The all new wide body with hood vented holes. It is one Bad Ass Cat. This one is a 383 Alloy head 430HP version 4 speed Muncie, 3.36 gears, Fuel cell, forward roll bar, 10″ rear American Racing Wheels. New Coil overs & new spring rates have been documented in this build. This car runs and drives Fantastic. The Best built in the World.
We don’t need Letters signed by Bill any longer to prove our status in the Cheetah World, Bill Thomas gave (us) the only company in the World ever to have Full Exclusive rights to Continue building his Cheetah. Of Coarse we are going forward building the Finest Tribute Bill Thomas Cheetah built today. Watch for our (New Company website coming soon). With all the new .com pages, BTM Is & has been used as a historical site and documenting history and will be used for our BTM Clothing line sales of everything we have been selling over the past 15 years. It does not build Continuation Cheetahs.

2015-12-16 16.53.25

2015-12-16 16.54.49

Bill Thomas Cheetah A Genuine GM Alloy #001 Test car

Super Cheetah has removed the very rare Genuine 1963 (GM) #001 Test car Alloy bonnet, Main roll bar and a few chassis pieces used from the alloy test car that were incorporated into the 1965 1 of 1 Le Mans 427 Alloy Super Cheetah Proto-Type. Well it is 2″ to short for Super Cheetah and it has a 3/16′s hole drilled for tech, Plus it was cut off the GM test car due to not much was left that was not bent after it was wrecked. Bill made the Alloy GM test cheetah chassis out of (.049 wall.) Or O to thin as Bill would say. Super Cheetah has now completed restoration of Chassis for the GM test car. For this very unique restoration we have included the Genuine Alloy Fuel Tank, Genuine L&R Alloy Proto-Type doors, Genuine 63 Grand Sport Alloy Rear end, Plus many Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah components. Including the VERY RARE CEC EXP 1963 Z-06/Cheetah Bill Thomas 377 Block that came in the Super Cheetah after Bill removed the R&D 427 Iron Head L88 with 58mm down draft webers that was meant for Le Mans 1965. This is Very Big News for the Real Bill Thomas Cheetah Fans. GM test Cheetah is now Certified with all these Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah Parts. Restoration is to be completed by mid 2017. The plans for this Cheetah will finalize Bills Dream for the Cheetah. It will be the 1st Genuine Cheetah to get FIA HTP. Yes indeed this makes 6 Genuine Cheetahs that get restoration work done here. Making Cheetah History is our game, In fact we are the Leader of the pack. For the honor to work on & restore 6 Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetahs says it all. We understand today nobody can take the Power of our Knowledge away that has taken over 22 years to retain.

2015-10-07 10.40.32

2015-10-07 10.41.41

2015-10-07 10.41.48

1963 Bill Thomas Aluminum GM test Cheetah proto type

We have made a choice to make History again with the separation of the 1963 Genuine Aluminum proto type parts grafted to the rear of the 65 Super Cheetah.
We here at BTM are going to remove all Genuine Aluminum parts of the 63 proto type Model and start restoration of #001 GM TEST Cheetah. We will add our Genuine L&R Aluminum doors to the project.
So we will remove the front Bonnet section, The cowl section, Side cowl sections L&R, The roof front t-panel, with addition of the Genuine doors the body will be near 65% Genuine #001 body.
We also have the very Rare 327 CEC EXP early engine we will use for the restoration of #001. We will use many Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah parts for this restoration, It will truly be a rolling Bill Thomas Museum. We will be making unprecedented Bill Thomas Cheetah History with this restoration. This #001 Aluminum Cheetah has great value to it all on its own, We cant lose the History within the Super Cheetah restoration.
Super Cheetah will then have replacement parts created to replace the Genuine Aluminum parts removed.
We are very excited to have made this choice after a few years not understanding how to move forward on Super Cheetah with these 1st design Aluminum proto type parts on it. Of coarse it makes sense now to restore both cars, #001 1963 proto type as received by GM for testing, Plus restore the 1965 Aluminum Super Cheetah as the Le Mans 427 Racer proto type that was to be used for the base to produce the all new 1965 Model Cheetah for Street & Racing.
Stay tuned for more to follow.
YES, Bill Thomas produced (2) 1963 Model Aluminum proto types, 1 for GM Testing and the 2nd for advertising and Racing. The rest is History now.

Robert Auxier !

Bill Thomas Cheetah 6 real authentic Cheetahs at BTM of Arizona

2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 to date have been our finest years with gaining lite years forward of so much Genuine Cheetah knowledge, 2016 with our new company going into the Future is very Exciting restoring & completing some of the most Valuable Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetahs on the Planet. Its nice to be on top with No competition in our field of proven expertise.
We are proud of the fact we have 6 Real Bill Thomas Cheetahs in restoration process out of the 15 examples that have survived today, 11 in the USA, 4 out of country. We are making History Documenting all these cars.
1st The Worlds most Rare & Valuable Bill Thomas/Chevrolet R&D Alloy 1965 Model 427 Le Mans Super Cheetah #001 1 of 1 Proto-type that was on the drawing board to make the 1965 Le Mans Race. Well history shows us today this Bill Thomas Cheetah dream would only see the Super Cheetah 70% completed before the heavy Axe fell & GM killed the entire New Model 1965 Cheetah program.
2nd The Bill Thomas 1st fiberglass Cheetah ordered I.D #003 1964 Model Alan Green Chevrolet Daytona #17 Yellow Race Car Driven by Jerry Grant. Sponsored by Bardahl, This Cheetah went to Daytona with an Alloy Experimental 58mm weber Engine & Grand sport Alloy rear end with 2.92 EXP gear set dated Jan 1964 housing stamped with special build code. Special Bill Thomas Race Cars vented brake backing plates and the very RARE special Heat treated HD CEC code rear axles, I have never seen a pair before in all my 30 years of restoring Corvettes. They were produced for the Racing department For the Grand sport, Z06 Factory Racers and the Daytona Cheetahs. These are still with the Chassis & suspension, And I am not talking about the 1965 Disc Brake X rear axles either. This chassis has 2 rear lower tow tabs on it also. Original 2nd design rear trailing arms, plus special built original HD front upper & lower a arms. They are thicker wall tubing than any we have found to date.
3rd The Bill Thomas I.D #006 1964 Model the most famous Race Car built for and sold to Clarence Dixon Cadillac in HOLLYWOOD California Raced as #1, #33 In Sebring Silver #1, #11 in Blue. The most advanced 1964 Model Cheetah That has Great SCCA & FIA Race History. Raced with stock 360 FI engine, Then bill added the 377 with Dual air meter, followed by the 1965 396/427 Iron Head spec L88. Also it Raced with the famous 427 L88 Aluminum Engine with M22 HD 4 speed & 3.55 gear set.
4th The Bill Thomas I.D #007 1964 Model Alan Green Chevrolet 327 360HP FI Street car built for Alan’s wife in Green Met. Sold to a Seattle Washington owner Harvey in 1967 where he painted it Marina Blue and showed the car, Then in 1969 he turned it into a Drag Car. That in fact was wrecked on the Drag Strip. We are nearing its completion in the next few months so it can finally go on to show for the public to enjoy.
5th The Bill Thomas I.D #013 1964 Model PSA Air Lines Cheetah 327 340HP Street car funded by Tom Friedkin as a Promo Model for Bill Thomas in Riverside Red with White & Blue stripes up the hood. Well this car was shown as the Sears Allstate car and did Street racing up & down Sunset BLVD, Dick Harrell Loved to take it out for a drive. It was considered totaled in the Sept 65 Fire and had a new body mounted and Bill ordered a new set of front & rear windows that were never installed. Then an Ohio man purchased it Dec 1966 where it then had its body damaged and modified then placed in a barn for 40 plus years. Driven only once around the drive way in the 60′s.
The Future will prove to be incredible with Restoring 6 Real Cheetahs and Certifying Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetahs.
There really is (No) Question who the World Leader is when it comes to the Bill Thomas Cheetah’s. With the new Certification process started of all surviving Original Bill Thomas Cheetah’s on our survey of 15 cars. Bill Thomas identified every Cheetah order by way of an I.D # on each Cheetah file starting with I.D #001 through #029. With the last 1964 Model Cheetah being Sold in Dec 1966 for the amount of $3,440. Our goal here at BTM is to Document all the Authentic Bill Thomas Cheetah components to each Cheetah inspected with a certified letter that will become the main part of the cars Provence. We will travel anywhere in the World to inspect any Cheetah and verify their Authenticity. Our process includes installing a Restoration Historical Bill Thomas I.D tag with correct Numerical order. We invite all Original Cheetah owner’s to join us and have your Real Authentic Bill Thomas Cheetah certified by Robert Auxier, This certification will set the Bar for Value & History of each and every Cheetah to exist today.
We have certified 7 Real Bill Thomas Cheetahs to date and are working on 3 more. It really is a pleasure to finally set the record straight on as many Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetahs as possible.
We have more knowledge than any company in the World about the Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetahs due to the fact of 23 years research plus hands on with 6 Genuine Cheetahs.
The (REAL) Bill Thomas turned over his (THRONE) in December 2001 to Robert Auxier, this task because he knew we were dedicated to his Cheetah with so much passion like he never seen before,
The (Real) Bill Thomas was so Proud of all our Cheetah efforts. I smile every time I think of Bill and our relationship. I still to this day consider Bill one of my Hero’s & best friends walking through this Life.
Contact Robert Auxier for certification cost & set appointment for inspections at 623-606-3155