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Bill Thomas Cheetah Prototype Aluminum #002 Barn Find

BTM is Very Proud to announce the Very Very Rare 1964 Bill Thomas Genuine #002 Aluminum Prototype Cheetah was just Purchased out of Barn in Oklahoma Dec 30th 2017. The Greatest Cheetah news to date and it still has its Genuine Bill Thomas Serial ID tag on it. This is 100% proof this car that sat in 2 different barns for 49 years with 1 owner Is the Famous Bill Thomas Prototype that also was evaluated at Chevrolet Engineering Center. Both #001 & #002 Prototypes had Serial ID tags Both evaluated by Chevrolet. This car was Bill’s Factory Road Race Cheetah, Racing New in Red with 58 race number and Titus behind the wheel mid 1964, This Cheetah was rebodied for the 1964 Oct Riverside Grand Prix Painted White with Black Circles with Race Number 58 and Flared front and rear. 1 of 1 Built with rear Big Fuel Tank. Rear body raised up 2 inches, Running a 377 R&D dual Air Meter Fuel injected engine. The owner history is Crystal Clear. It took me 24 years to make this dream come true. It is now setting in my shop here at the Official BTM Bill Thomas Motors with restoration starting Jan 4th 2018. With the Genuine #003 Alan Green Daytona Cheetah near Completion setting right next it and My #001 65 427 Le Mans Super Cheetah setting in front of them, Now this is what dreams are made of. This makes it the 7th Genuine Cheetah I am an owner in or have done restorations on or both. 2018 will be a Trend Setting Year for the Genuine BTM Bill Thomas Motors of Arizona.

This Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah ID Tag #126364002 1964 Prototype Aluminum car is documented and Certified by Genuine BTM of Arizona. Please understand that the Jerry Titus Cheetah sold to Jerry Entin was a fiberglass body Cheetah with a production chassis #008 (NOT) #002. It does not have its Special hand bent prototype .049 Chassis, Does Not have original Alloy Body, It has (0) Zero aluminum original unique interior parts, (NO #002 Tag) No 2nd radiator mounting brackets. No side tank brackets. It has the 1965-66 very late rear trailing arms and front lower A-arms. BTM Bill Thomas conclusion 100% Fact the Albert/Ron Way Cheetah is (NOT) #008 Titus Cheetah period.  Jerry Entin & Fred Yeakel internet statements that Jerry Entin sold this Cheetah 49 year Barn Find #002 to Albert Way is 100% (FALSE) The Albert Way Cheetah is (NOT) #001  #002 or Titus car #008. I have 100′s of detailed pictures documenting the Albert/Ron Way Cheetah before he bought and 100′s of detailed pictures in restoration. In Don Edmunds new book just released in the Bill Thomas Cheetah Chapter he states Jerry Entin owned Chassis #002  This statement is 100% (FALSE).

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