1964 Chevrolet Powered Cheetah
Auxier Cheetah Historical Facts

  • 1964 Chevrolet Powered Cheetah
    Auxier Cheetah Historical Facts

Auxier archive cheetah museum Official Production ID numbers Partial list. Research ongoing

Official release of BTMLLC of Arizona File ID numbers.

66364001  June 1963 built 1964 Model 1st Aluminum body prototype. Riverside Red 327 375 hp Fuel Injected Corvette engine T-10 4 speed Grand Sport Aluminum rear end. Built as an exercise to show C/E/C Bill Thomas could build a light weight Sports Racer to compete with the Shelby Cobra on the Race Track.  #001 was evaluated by Frank Winchell of GM R&D. Frank was at Riverside when #001 Cheetah was being tested. Owned by John Grow of Friendly Chevrolet.  It was then prepared for the Oct 13th 1963 Riverside Los Angeles Times Grand Prix Race where a hot shot driver named Don Horvath was only to take it for a few laps to warm it up before the race event. Well Horvath wrecked the right front going into turn 9 and it was damaged enough it could not start the race. It went back to Thomas shop where they had too go to work repairing it. Thomas informed Chevrolet top brass Bunky Knudsen Frank Winchell and GM President John/Jack F. Gordon that GM would be receiving #002 Alloy Prototype as there Test Mule car for Chevrolet CEC R&D in Dec 63 and that the #001 Prototype would remain in California and be rebuilt into a full race car to run the  Feb 2nd 1964 Riverside SCCA divisional race. Where as driver Jerry Titus would wreck it in the 1st lap A radiator hose broke and poured fluid onto the rear tires just as he was going by pit road and he spun it and hit the hay bales backward and damaged the rear body & light weight chassis. This #001 was considered total loss by insurance company. Thomas himself recounted using the remains of the Cowl header and bonnet plus main roll hoop to help produce the Prototype 1965 427 Le Mans Super Cheetah.

126364002 Dec 1963 built 1964 Model 2nd Aluminum body prototype. #002 prototype still has its Genuine issued Factory Serial Number ID Tag on it. We now have proof in writing and photo history #002 was Owned by Chevrolet Engineering Center R&D Department. It was tested extensively at the Milford proving grounds also on the test fixtures plus wind tunnel testing. The extensive knowledge learned from all the testing what at such a low cost it was considered pennies on the dollar. Bought back from Chevrolet Engineering Center in April 1964 by Thomas Friedkin of PSA Airlines then prepared as a Promotional  light weight Competition GT Sports Race Car known as the  #58 White Hurst Special. Originally when brand new #002 was nearly a twin to #001 except the side pipe difference and the chassis was tight radius bends from the tubing company now bending all the chassis tubes for production. Compared to the #001 Don Edmunds hand built and bent large radius bend chassis. Painted in Riverside Red 327 375HP Fuel Injected Corvette engine T-10 4 speed Grand Sport Aluminum rear end. Chassis was special light weight 4130 chrome moly .049 wall Chassis. It was late Feb 64 after the Chevrolet R&D guys recorded some record breaking speeds of 215 217 MPH at the Feb Daytona Sports Car event. I have R&D Test reports with test dates from early as June 20th 63 on Chassis Tests and as late as April 64. In April 64 it was prepared for April 19th national open Phoenix International Raceway PIR Race and the April 26th Riverside USRRC Race . Where Jerry Titus would race it in Red with race number 58 with new dual air meter Fuel Injection. Within a short time it was Damaged testing at Riverside it would be rebuilt and Funded again by Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines with fiberglass body and painted white with Red & Blue stripes up the hood and would Have Hurst Special Cheetah on the front fenders. It was flared front and rear with race number 58 on it,  Special built 377 dual air meter fuel injection engine installed and large rear fuel tank with side filler cap.  After the Oct Riverside Race Thomas would add the wide body rear flares and raced a few more events in  Sports Car Racing. Then it was sold to Bill Burke of Salt Flats Fame. Bill Burke had Thomas shop prepare it for Drag racing where they did some 1/2 Mile drags at Riverside. Then it was prepared for the salt flats with a Blown & injected 700 HP big inch Olds engine. Article and pictures of it but No Record going to the Flats and racing to date. (Thomas also prepared a 1967 Camaro for Bill Burke to run at the salt flats.) Cheetah was then Sold to Mr. Thorn in 1967 of Oklahoma he did some Drag racing and sold it in Tulsa Oklahoma 1969 where it was put into a Cattle barn for around 30 years then removed and put into the New barn and just sat there for another 19 years, it was just Sold and removed Dec 30th 2017 By Robert Auxier  After chasing it since 1993. Restored 2020 by BTMLLC of Arizona.

16464003 Jan 1964 built 1964 Model 1st Fiberglass Production Cheetah built as Full Competition car Painted Yellow with number 17 on it. Ordered by Alan Green Chevrolet where it was shipped to Daytona  For the Daytona Continental and the American Challenge Cup races. Where Jerry Grant was testing it and qualified it. It was a Special build with all aluminum C/E/C  EXP engine with 58mm side drafts T-10 4 speed and Grand Sport aluminum rear axle with 2.92 ratio with a Pontiac Large Nascar Radiator to help cool this special engine. Sponsored by Bardahl, First Cheetah to get sponsored by major company. Jerry damaged it so it went back to get Rebuilt at Bill’s shop. Restored May 2017 by BTMLLC of Arizona.

16464004 Jan 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Built as Full Competition car Painted Dark Blue with number 14 on it. Special built Corvette Engine 327/377 cubic inch 470HP with the Special built dual air meter fuel injection with R&D Muncie roller bearing 1st gear 4 speed and an R&D 2.92 rear axle . Also optioned with the triple fuel tanks for long range races 1 rear and 1 left side & 1 right side. These special Thomas drive lines were the reason the (3) Daytona Cheetahs were all running speeds from 200 to 217 MPH. Sold to Ralf Salyer out of Hammond Indiana. Went to Daytona Feb 64 and finished 14th, This Cheetah became the winningest Cheetah built, It was turned into a roadster in 64 and was very successful.

#005 History:

46464006 April 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Built as Street car Painted Sebring Silver. Sold New to Jack Goodman owner of Clarence Dixon Cadillac Hollywood California. Shortly after taking delivery Jack would get his competition license in his new Cheetah and asked Bill to prepare into a Full Competition car. It was fitted with Left & Right fuel tanks plus standard rear tank, dual air meter fuel injection and it went racing with #33 on it , Mid 65 Thomas would build a 427 iron head L88 spec engine for it and install it with the new HD m-22 Muncie trans, Plus install a second radiator and add his wide rear body flares. Early 1967 Thomas would install the famous Corvette 427 430HP Factory L88 in it. This car raced in the Salt Lake City Utah area this way until the end 1969 when it was sold to a California buyer, Who in turn sold it within a few years to Dave Laura in Oregon in 1972. Dave did not put many miles on it and stashed it away from public for 42 years. Restored May 2016 by BTMLLC of Arizona

86464007 Aug 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Built as a Street car Painted Cadillac Green Met. Sold new to Alan Green Chevrolet for the Dealer Promotional car, His wife Booky enjoyed driving it and even Drag Raced it. Restored Feb 2016 by BTMLLC of Arizona.

36464008 March 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines Funded. Built as Full Competition car Riverside Red Engine Special built Bill Thomas 377 dual air meter Fuel Injection Left & Right fuel tanks plus standard rear tank, dual radiators rear aluminum body flares. Bill’s Team Road Race car. Driven by Jerry Titus. Raced with number 16, 36. This Cheetah was given to John Grow owner of Rialto Chevrolet when him and Bill Thomas parted ways. This car was considered payment in full for all money John Grow gave Bill Thomas for Helping finance the Cheetah program early on, There business dealings were over after this car was turned over to John. John sold the Titus car shortly after running an add for sale.

76464009 July 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Built for Drag Racing, Riverside 377 dual air meter fuel injection engine. Sold to Don Greib

76464010 July 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production car Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines funded this Drag Car, Riverside Red  377 dual air meter fuel injection engine, Record holder in 1965 Race numbers 58 & 396.

106464013 Oct 1964 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production Street car Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines funded this Bill Thomas Sears Allstate Promotional car. This Cheetah was totaled in the Fire of Sept 65 rebuilt by Bill’s Shop. Yes it is a dual ID Number Cheetah. It was given to Doug Crouthers as payment for back rent $3,440. Never getting delivered until Bill Thomas Sold it to an Ohio man Dec/Jan 1967 for $3,440. To recover money owed to Doug for past rent. One (1) Ohio owner for 50 years incredible. Restored Sept 22 2017 by BTMLLC of Arizona.

46664029 April 1966 built 1964 Model Fiberglass production Street car. This Cheetah was totaled in the Fire of Sept 1965 rebuilt under new 2nd ID number and sold to Ed King.

#001 1 of 1 1965 Model Aluminum Prototype Le Mans 427 Super Cheetah Project started in March 1964, Unique 1 of 1 Chassis built for the new 1965 Model. It was not a carry over chassis. A 1964 Model Chassis was Never used for Super Cheetah build. GM pulled all back door funding for the entire Cheetah project in May 1964, Leaving Super Cheetah unfinished and Thomas Dream of Le Mans in 65 with the New 427 Iron Head L88  Super Cheetah  and the Street Model shut don completely. Friedkin Enterprises/PSA Airlines funding Super Cheetah Thomas got it to a roller stage with 427 4 speed 2.92 axle drive line. Then the fire hit. Super Cheetah Dream was Dead. Bill Thomas Race Cars & BTM Bill Thomas Motors went Bankrupt Early Summer 1970 Super Cheetah was sold at Sheriffs auction to Don Edmunds for $300 Don would own it for about a year and then he put it up for sale in the Competition press in Aug 1971 where Mr Duke from Tennessee came out to Don’s shop and bought it for $1575. Mr Duke Family sold it to Robert Auxier Sept 10 2011 40 years after Mr Duke bought it and stashed it in his sisters Barn door garage. Super Cheetah today is under restoration at BTMLLC

Production number total is 29 cars with only 15 Cheetahs accounted for in the World today. 10 in the USA and 5 out of country.

There is a good number of Cheetahs that were damaged and considered totaled by insurance and Bill Thomas Race Cars would remanufacture these Cheetahs under a new ID Number giving them a history of Dual ID Numbers today.  4 Cheetahs in the 1965 Sept Fire were Totaled by Insurance.

There are confirmed 3 Export Cheetahs.

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