Bill Thomas Cheetah A Genuine #007 Alan Green Chevrolet Car

Restoration update on the Genuine 1964 ID #007 Bill Thomas Cheetah sold to Alan Green Chevrolet for (Booky) Alan Green’s wife to drive on street & some Drag Racing events, She Loved driving her Green Cheetah. Delivered in Aug 64 as a 327 360HP Fuel Injection 4 speed 3.55 Gears, Painted In Cadillac (Green) Met with Green interior, This Color Combo really fits the style of the Cheetah. It is a stunning sight to see it all together again in real life, This Cheetah will be the 1st to set the Bar how a Genuine as delivered Bill Thomas Cheetah is built. I even rescued its Genuine Original 327/377 Engine from its 2nd owner on July 4th 2014, Yes its back where it belongs in #007 restoration. This car is finally together after 1,000′s of Hours in Restoration work plus 1,000′s of hours of research time. What an exciting time it is at BTM. This is he Finest Genuine restored Bill Thomas Cheetah on the Planet. Bill Thomas made the right choice picking the Auxiers to carry on his Legacy. Bill is smiling down on Auxiers where we stand today in Bill Thomas Cheetah History. I thank my Hero Bill Thomas everyday I walk out into my Cheetah shop. It is truly amazing the Gifts given to the Auxiers in regard to setting Genuine Cheetah History straight. Bill turned over the rains of his Cheetah to the Auxiers back in Dec 2001.
This #007 Cheetah has its Very Rare Documents on its original issued Bill Thomas ID # back into the 60′s,. We are very proud restoring Bill Thomas/Alan Green Chevrolet History in the Cheetah World.

We are within a few days now of completing this amazing restoration, For the 1st time since 1970 the original Bill Thomas 377 engine was fired up and broke in today 2-15-16, What a beast to hear in person, It shook the ground around the shop today, What a Pleasure to work on such a car. This is one Bad Ass Cat. Don’t be fooled by the Stunning Green paint this Cat can Run.




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2016-02-17 15.51.05

2016-02-17 15.55.05

1963 Grand Sport 377 58mm side draft Aluminum engine WANTED !


Wanted to buy: 1959 to 1964 283-327 Aluminum or Magnesium engine block Chevrolet or Mickey Thomson cast, Aluminum 283-327 early cylinder heads, We need 4 58mm Weber side draft carbs, Chevrolet Small Block side draft intake in Aluminum or Magnesium. Special oil pan with kick outs, We are also looking for a Aluminum GS rear end case & rear cover cast in Sept 1962. Call Robert Auxier @ 623-606-3155 Phoenix Arizona.

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