Bill Thomas Cheetah A Tribute wide body car

Update on our Tribute series, The all new wide body with hood vented holes. It is one Bad Ass Cat. This one is a 383 Alloy head 430HP version 4 speed Muncie, 3.36 gears, Fuel cell, forward roll bar, 10″ rear American Racing Wheels. New Coil overs & new spring rates have been documented in this build. This car runs and drives Fantastic. The Best built in the World.
We don’t need Letters signed by Bill any longer to prove our status in the Cheetah World, Bill Thomas gave (us) the only company in the World ever to have Full Exclusive rights to Continue building his Cheetah. Of Coarse we are going forward building the Finest Tribute Bill Thomas Cheetah built today. Watch for our (New Company website coming soon). With all the new .com pages, BTM Is & has been used as a historical site and documenting history and will be used for our BTM Clothing line sales of everything we have been selling over the past 15 years. It does not build Continuation Cheetahs.

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Bill Thomas Cheetah A Genuine Daytona Yellow #17 Jerry Grant Car

1964 Built #003 first fiberglass production Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah Ordered by the Famous Racing Dealer in Washington State Alan Green Chevrolet. We are working daily on its restoration process and in Jan 2016 it will be Certified as #003 With all the Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah parts used in its restoration,. Chassis will be completely Restored in Jan 2016 As for the Body it will be installed with most Interior installed also in Jan. Completion date is set for Aug 2016 testing dates are on the Calendar. (Living the Dream) restoring all these cars making Cheetah History, The Leader of the Pack,.

Bill Thomas Cheetah A Genuine GM Alloy #001 Test car

Super Cheetah has removed the very rare Genuine 1963 (GM) #001 Test car Alloy bonnet, Main roll bar and a few chassis pieces used from the alloy test car that were incorporated into the 1965 1 of 1 Le Mans 427 Alloy Super Cheetah Proto-Type. Well it is 2″ to short for Super Cheetah and it has a 3/16′s hole drilled for tech, Plus it was cut off the GM test car due to not much was left that was not bent after it was wrecked. Bill made the Alloy GM test cheetah chassis out of (.049 wall.) Or O to thin as Bill would say. Super Cheetah has now completed restoration of Chassis for the GM test car. For this very unique restoration we have included the Genuine Alloy Fuel Tank, Genuine L&R Alloy Proto-Type doors, Genuine 63 Grand Sport Alloy Rear end, Plus many Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah components. Including the VERY RARE CEC EXP 1963 Z-06/Cheetah Bill Thomas 377 Block that came in the Super Cheetah after Bill removed the R&D 427 Iron Head L88 with 58mm down draft webers that was meant for Le Mans 1965. This is Very Big News for the Real Bill Thomas Cheetah Fans. GM test Cheetah is now Certified with all these Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah Parts. Restoration is to be completed by mid 2017. The plans for this Cheetah will finalize Bills Dream for the Cheetah. It will be the 1st Genuine Cheetah to get FIA HTP. Yes indeed this makes 6 Genuine Cheetahs that get restoration work done here. Making Cheetah History is our game, In fact we are the Leader of the pack. For the honor to work on & restore 6 Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetahs says it all. We understand today nobody can take the Power of our Knowledge away that has taken over 22 years to retain.

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