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1965 #001 Super Cheetah 427 Aluminum 1 of 1 Le Mans Prototype In restoation at BTM

Bill Thomas Holy Grail of the Cheetah World,this most Valuable 1965 Super Cheetah Coupe 427 Aluminum body Le Mans Prototype. #001 1 of 1 produced, Was in fact being built for the Le Mans 1965 Race in Europe. With the only one known to exist Genuine Bill Thomas built 1965 396/427 Iron Head L88 spec engine, Also has the very rare 427 Mystery Motor oil pan & very rare dated 64 Mystery Motor Holley carb. Dual Radiator system designed by Bill Thomas. Pontiac NASCAR radiator & Corvette 2nd radiator. Genuine early 1965 Bill Thomas Muncie 4 speed m22, Le Mans 272 ratio HD Rear IRS, 40 gallon fuel tank with spare tire mounted into the top. 15 X 7 American Magnesium TTD up front with NOS Goodyear Blue Streaks Sports Car Specials 7.00 x 15  Rears are American Magnesium 15 x 8.5 Drum brake with NOS Goodyear Blue Streaks Stock Car Specials 8.00/8.20 x 15. J56 front disc brakes, Z06 Rear drum setup. It will be painted Sebring Silver with a matching Silver Leather full interior. We are proud of the restoration and Completion moving forward here at BTMLLC of Arizona. Our plan is to have it ready to show by June 2018. This Cheetah was to be Bill’s Finest hour in automotive Cheetah manufacturing. Once GM took a look at it coming into reality in Bill’s Shop, it was just weeks later the Entire Cheetah program was shut down from any further support from Chevrolet R&D. May 1964 the heavy guarded (CHEVROLET BACKING) Top Secret Cheetah program would get the Axe. This Super Cheetah was seen as a direct threat to there flag ship Corvette. Bill Thomas owned this car from conception March 64 thru the Bankruptcy Of Bill Thomas Race Cars BTM-Bill Thomas Motors Mid 1970. Where it was sold to Don Edmunds at the Sheriff Auction. Don Sold it to Mr. Duke of Tennessee, Where I purchased it from the Widow of Mr. Duke in 2011.  So it has 4 owners since 1964.


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