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1964 Bill Thomas Cheetah #013 PSA Airlines Car Restored by BTMLLC of Arizona

1964 Bill Thomas Genuine Cheetah #013 ordered new by Friedkin Enterprises early 1964, When built new it was called the PSA Airlines car. It also carried Blue & white stripes up the hood, these colors were a PSA Airlines extra touch. Bill would end up using it as his companies Promo Car. Any Racer back in the day could take it out and Drag Race it on streets in LA, Dick Harrell Loved driving it. He let Sears Allstate use it many times to place in front of there service centers promoting there products like Batteries, Shocks, Tires, Wheels, Etc,. Sept 1965 it was caught up in the Fire at Bill Thomas Race Cars. At the time it was written off as a loss to insurance, Bill went ahead and replaced the body and windows put a stock 300HP engine in it primed it white and put it in the corner after issuing it its 2nd ID Number. Bill would give this Cheetah to owner of the Building Doug Caruthers for payment of Rent owed. Doug wound up putting WW. Tires and new wheels on it. Then it went back in the corner of Bill Thomas Race Cars. Current owner purchased it Jan 67 from Doug. Now today 9-22-2017 it is completely restored to Museum quality by BTMLLC of Arizona. Also known as Bill Thomas Motors. It has been test driven 1 mile and ready to be shipped to its owner who has had it 50 years this year. Incredible. It is the Only Cheetah out of 29 ID numbers to have a letter signed by Bill Thomas confirming it as Fact said Cheetah was produced at Bill Thomas Race Cars in 1964. It is now a Museum piece and should go back in a time Capsule. We are very proud to have completed its very high Bar restoration. It is the 3rd Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah restored by the World Famous Cheetah Guys at BTM of Arizona. The 1st company in history to accomplish this task. With 2 more Genuine Cheetahs due finished by mid 2018. The Genuine 1964 #003 Alan Green Daytona Race Car & And the #001 Very Rare 1 of 1 1965 Alloy prototype Le Mans 427 Super Cheetah. As you gather info here on our wonderful Cheetah site you can see very clearly Bill Thomas was my HERO !

This Genuine Cheetah is Certified by Letter of Authenticity produced by BTMLLC of Arizona.

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