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1963 Bill Thomas Aluminum GM test Cheetah proto type

We have made a choice to make History again with the separation of the 1963 Genuine Aluminum proto type parts grafted to the rear of the 65 Super Cheetah.
We here at BTM are going to remove all Genuine Aluminum parts of the 63 proto type Model and start restoration of #001 GM TEST Cheetah. We will add our Genuine L&R Aluminum doors to the project.
So we will remove the front Bonnet section, The cowl section, Side cowl sections L&R, The roof front t-panel, with addition of the Genuine doors the body will be near 65% Genuine #001 body.
We also have the very Rare 327 CEC EXP early engine we will use for the restoration of #001. We will use many Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetah parts for this restoration, It will truly be a rolling Bill Thomas Museum. We will be making unprecedented Bill Thomas Cheetah History with this restoration. This #001 Aluminum Cheetah has great value to it all on its own, We cant lose the History within the Super Cheetah restoration.
Super Cheetah will then have replacement parts created to replace the Genuine Aluminum parts removed.
We are very excited to have made this choice after a few years not understanding how to move forward on Super Cheetah with these 1st design Aluminum proto type parts on it. Of coarse it makes sense now to restore both cars, #001 1963 proto type as received by GM for testing, Plus restore the 1965 Aluminum Super Cheetah as the Le Mans 427 Racer proto type that was to be used for the base to produce the all new 1965 Model Cheetah for Street & Racing.
Stay tuned for more to follow.
YES, Bill Thomas produced (2) 1963 Model Aluminum proto types, 1 for GM Testing and the 2nd for advertising and Racing. The rest is History now.

Robert Auxier !