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BTM was formed Nov 2001: Our BTM Contract with the Famous Mr. Chevrolet, Mr. Corvette, Mr, Fuel Injection, Bill Thomas himself that was signed into action on Dec 28th, 2001 and is in full force today to complete 100 Bill Thomas Cheetahs. No action has ever been taken to put a stop to our production; in fact, anything said to the contrary is a complete myth.

BTM owns all the rights for producing the Bill Thomas Cheetahs! We have had for many years and still currently have usage rights to everything Bill Thomas Race Cars related. We own all the tooling to produce the finest original duplicate Cheetah on the planet. We own the largest Bill Thomas Race Cars Collection of memorabilia in the world. We also have all the rights to our Bill Thomas memorabilia. This includes the 1965 Bill Thomas/GM Prototype Alloy body 427 Le Mans Super Cheetah, which is currently undergoing restoration right here in our hands, just as it should be.

We are currently working on the 50th Anniversary Bill Thomas Cheetahs #001 through #016 that I, Robert Auxier and Bill Thomas discussed for many years through our 15 year relationship. This is to release on this, the 50th year, 2014. We are completely set with all replacement components to complete this very limited production run. This run is over 20 years in the making! This timing is perfect since it hits on the same month of February, 2014; now 50 years later. We are in production of the #001 through #016 chassis, body, and interior components to duplicate the 16 Cheetahs he built in 1964.

This was a great year for Bill Thomas Race Cars!

This production run will produce the most exact copies of the FIA/SCCA road race cars, 3 Special Build Duplicate DRAG RACE Cheetahs for Nostalgic Drags, also a few street version cars. BTM is building #001 duplicate to the FIA/SCCA 1964 Feb 15th Daytona Continental GT Road Race Blue 327 Fuel Injected Cheetah #14 Race Car. Additionally, #007 will be a duplicate of the Silver #33 427 Nascar Bill Thomas spec engine Clarence Dixon Cadillac FIA/SCCA Race Car. Moreover, #011 will be a duplicate of the #58 Riverside Red, Bill Thomas Race Cars Drag Race Car that Held the AHRA Record in April, 1964 at BeeLine Drag Way in Phoenix, Arizona with Mike Jones driving, hitting 130.82 MPH at 10.82 Time. In all, 4 Cheetahs went Drag Racing. We will be retaining #001, #007, #011 for our own usage and enjoyment. However, we are going to offer 13 Cheetahs to the public out of this very rare production run. You can order any way you like as long as one was built like it. We are very proud we are here in this time frame exactly 50 years to the month when Thomas had his first 3 Production Cheetahs entered at Daytona at the same time going forward to produce these few Cheetahs. They will have our brand new components to produce as per Original OEM replacement exact front bonnet section, Road Race/Drag Race Rear Special HD Bill Thomas 3rd design trailing arms with original style rack & pinion steering. Chassis (NOW) Exact OEM Replacement even with all main chassis members. This includes 063 wall tubing, 4130 Chrome-Moly, Single U-joint, Complete Exact OEM Replacement interior, vented drum brakes option, and 327 Chevrolet correct Vintage FI engines. We can even add the 1965 4 wheel disc brake option. They came out in July 1964 on the Production 65 Corvettes. Bill installed these disc's on three Cheetahs.

All 16 are period correct, they are the finest Duplicate Cheetahs you can get and will have BTM Letters of Authenticity signed by Robert Auxier and Charles Auxier. Each customer will get a special framed copy of our original BTM signed by Bill Thomas contract for Exclusive rights to produce the Bill Thomas Cheetahs.

We have produced 46 Cheetahs in different stages, 30 as turnkey & rolling chassis packages street & race versions. Letters #001 through #030 have been issued to Turnkey completed Cheetahs and a few complete rolling chassis packages.

Something to note: No Letters of authenticity ever will go with chassis & or body sales, these are only for completed Cheetahs.

There is some bad news however:

Our BTM letters #031 through #100 are being blocked by Bill Thomas III from being released to us, even though we are the rightful owners. This is unfortunate as our relationship with the late great original Bill Thomas was nothing but stellar. You can see this fact corroborated in our FSN Interviews video on this page, and on the Bill Thomas Tribute page. The worst thing about this situation is that we are now forced to do battle with Bill Thomas III full on. BTM will not rest until these letters are released. To set the record straight, Bill Thomas III was never given nor currently has any legal rights to anything Bill Thomas Cheetah. He made his choice back in late 2012 to join up with a KIT CAR BUILDER to build something nowhere near an authentic production Cheetah in any way, shape, or form. There is no way on earth Bill Thomas Jr would ever sign off on anything like this since Bill Thomas III has absolutely zero expertise in the manufacturing of the Bill Thomas Cheetah. Bill Thomas III was TERMINATED in April 2013 from any & all BTM Business due to his actions against BTM & our Bill Thomas Cheetah Contract. He acted in total conflict of interest and has gone completely Rogue against us and even his own family! This is very heart-breaking for us as we absolutely loved and very much miss the great Bill Thomas.

Bill Thomas III failed to inform the remaining Thomas family of our Contract. I, Robert Auxier, did forward a copy at the end of Jan 2014 to the Thomas family members. Surprisingly, he chose to deceive the other Thomas family members about the contract. So here we are, going forward against a Rogue Thomas Family member, Bill Thomas III, AKA Tommy Thomas, AKA Bill Thomas Jr.

Bill Thomas III, due to his greed, and likely jealousy that Bill Thomas chose to reward the contract to us instead of him, has done incredible and potentially irreparable damage to my business. I would like to set the record strait with the facts:

  • Bill Thomas Jr. Passed away Oct 2009 (FACT)
  • Bill Thomas III is not, and was not ever a Trustee or Executor of the William P. Thomas Jr or Violet Thomas Estate, (PERIOD).
  • Regardless of all the Private & Public statements that he is the Executor, and was given all rights to the Bill Thomas Cheetah everything, folks, it's all false statements. Bill Thomas III has ZERO rights to anything Bill Thomas Cheetah as BTM has been stating for 2 years now.
  • Bill Thomas III is the son of Bill Thomas Jr, the Famous Chevrolet performance icon. He obviously cannot be Bill Thomas Jr. as he sometimes claims to be.
  • Again, Bill Thomas III Has No Rights to Bill Thomas Cheetah related anything.
  • Bill Thomas III In no way is affiliated with BTM LLC Of Arizona, nor ever will be.
  • BTM LLC Was never sold!
  • BTM Sold off its old tooling that produced the early BTM Race cars, Street cars & spare parts.
  • BTM has kept its website up and running since early 2007.
  • We have been building Cheetah Racecars since our inception, however, on Jan 1st 2010 we closed our big shop down, but we're still in business:
    • Selling Rolling Chassis packages, cars, and spare parts to Cheetahs.
    • Currently working on the Bill Thomas Race Cars Museum.
    • Documenting all the original Cheetahs.
    • Documenting every race where a Cheetah took part in that race.
    • Additionally, the most important Bill Thomas Race Cars Holy Grail was purchased and we are in the process of Completing and Restoring it, with the original 1963/64 styling drawings and specs from Bill Thomas Race Cars. It's the 1 of 1 1965 Model 427 Le Mans Super Cheetah Proto-Type, a 1 off Alloy Bodied, very Exotic Sports car with design help from some GM guys hidden in the basement of the Detroit Styling department.

Stay tuned, 2014 is set to be a great year, the 50th anniversary of the Bill Thomas Cheetah!

Please contact BTM for any answers you might need concerning the total confusion created by Bill Thomas III regarding false statements against BTM and all members.

Bill Thomas and Robert Auxier, first met on June 18, 1994. What happened next is Racecar history

Bob Auxier made the call to Bill Thomas in Anaheim California around 10:00 AM. To his amazement, Bill was very excited to talk about Cheetahs! Bill Thomas was so thrilled with the conversation he invited Bob to a family get together at his home. Stay tuned for the video! Everything went very well at the first meeting with Bill Thomas and family.

Bob's Cheetah in Bill's driveway was a big hit with everyone!

From that day forward, Bill Thomas gave Bob Auxier respect for not bothering him about how to build the Cheetah, how will he raise the money to build Cheetahs, etc. Bob will never forget Bill's face that first meeting. When he asked Bob what made him decide to build his Cheetah again, Bob looked him in the eyes and told him he was chosen to build his Cheetahs again by God. From that moment forward Bill knew Bob was the right man for the job. Over the next 15 years Bill & Bob became very close friends all the way up to his passing in October 2009.

2007 Bill Thomas and Bob Bondurant Reunion

1965 427 Super Cheetah 1 of 1 Alloy Bodied

BTM is proud to announce the 1965 427 Super Cheetah model. The new, advanced, evolutionary, Bill Thomas dream concept Cheetah! This concept Super Cheetah was well on its way to becoming a true American sports car. We know now the rear styling of the Super Cheetah was a direct result of Bill Mitchell and Larry Shinoda, from the style of the concept Monza GT Corvair. Bill Thomas worked on the Monza Corvair in secret in 1962. This Monza inspired Bill's 1963/64 Cheetah and even closer rear styling appearance for his Super Cheetah. The Super Cheetah utilized new evolutionary design and styling from GM styling examples, adding the flavor of Bill's first generation Cheetah. BTM is now in the process of completing the first of one 1965 427 S/C. The Super Cheetah Prototype was uncovered on September of 2011, after living in a barn for 40 years! It's remained unchanged or altered from the original condition after Bill abandoned the project in October 1965, after the September 1965 fire.

This is the worlds most valuable Bill Thomas Cheetah.

BTM is in the process of creating the new tooling and jig fixtures to build them as Bill Thomas intended. The original #001 concept Cheetah will be completed to Le-Mans Race prepared specs, with Bill's special NASCAR 1965 427 Chevrolet big block.

This is a must see!

1964 Street Cheetah disassembly video educational! Financed by PSA Pacific Southwest Airlines. (Tom Friedkin) Original Riverside Red with white and blue hood stripes, 327-340 HP, engine single 4 barrel, also one of the Sears Allstate show cars. This street Cheetah was sold in the last week of December 1966 to an Ohio resident. Price was $3,440. Then it was placed in a barn from 1967 through 2005.