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BTM was formed Nov 2001: Our BTM Contract with the Famous Mr. Chevrolet, Mr. Corvette, Mr, Fuel Injection, Bill Thomas himself that was signed into action on Dec 28th, 2001 and is in full force today.

BTM owns all the rights for producing the Bill Thomas Cheetahs! We have had for many years and still currently have usage rights to everything Bill Thomas Race Cars related. We own all the tooling to produce the finest original duplicate Cheetah on the planet. We own the largest Bill Thomas Race Cars Collection of memorabilia in the world. We also have all the rights to our Bill Thomas memorabilia. This includes the 1965 Bill Thomas/GM Prototype Alloy body 427 Le Mans Super Cheetah, which is currently undergoing restoration right here in our hands, just as it should be.

2014 was the best year since BTM was formed in November, 2001. 2015 is going to be a spectacular year with 5 real authentic Cheetahs under restoration, plus building the new tribute 427 L88 Clarence Dixon Cadillac SCCA/FIA BTM Race Cars.

Bill Thomas Cheetah Tribute Cars

BTM is proud to announce the production of the finest ever built Bill Thomas Cheetah Tribute cars. They are as if you went back to 1964 or 65 and ordered one from Bill Thomas himself. This series is known as the #001 through #029 series. We also offer the most advanced SCCA/FIA specification, Road Race Cheetah with all the advancements of the 64 Model.
With having 5 Genuine Bill Thomas Cheetahs in restoration, we have learned far more than we ever dreamed of learning. The knowledge gained is unprecedented in the History of the Bill Thomas Cheetahs.

Bill Thomas and Robert Auxier, first met on June 18, 1994. What happened next is Racecar history

Bob Auxier made the call to Bill Thomas in Anaheim California around 10:00 AM. To his amazement, Bill was very excited to talk about Cheetahs! Bill Thomas was so thrilled with the conversation he invited Bob to a family get together at his home. Stay tuned for the video! Everything went very well at the first meeting with Bill Thomas and family.

Bob's Cheetah in Bill's driveway was a big hit with everyone!

From that day forward, Bill Thomas gave Bob Auxier respect for not bothering him about how to build the Cheetah, how will he raise the money to build Cheetahs, etc. Bob will never forget Bill's face that first meeting. When he asked Bob what made him decide to build his Cheetah again, Bob looked him in the eyes and told him he was chosen to build his Cheetahs again by God. From that moment forward Bill knew Bob was the right man for the job. Over the next 15 years Bill & Bob became very close friends all the way up to his passing in October 2009.

2007 Bill Thomas and Bob Bondurant Reunion

1965 427 Super Cheetah 1 of 1 Alloy Bodied

BTM is also proud to announce the 1965 427 Super Cheetah model. The new, advanced, evolutionary, Bill Thomas dream concept Cheetah! This concept Super Cheetah was well on its way to becoming a true American sports car. We know now the rear styling of the Super Cheetah was a direct result of Bill Mitchell and Larry Shinoda, from the style of the concept Monza GT Corvair. Bill Thomas worked on the Monza Corvair in secret in 1962. This Monza inspired Bill's 1963/64 Cheetah and even closer rear styling appearance for his Super Cheetah. The Super Cheetah utilized new evolutionary design and styling from GM styling examples, adding the flavor of Bill's first generation Cheetah. BTM is now in the process of completing the first of one 1965 427 S/C. The Super Cheetah Prototype was uncovered on September of 2011, after living in a barn for 40 years! It's remained unchanged or altered from the original condition after Bill abandoned the project in October 1965, after the September 1965 fire.

This is the worlds most valuable Bill Thomas Cheetah.

BTM is in the process of creating the new tooling and jig fixtures to build them as Bill Thomas intended. The original #001 concept Cheetah will be completed to Le-Mans Race prepared specs, with Bill's special NASCAR 1965 427 Chevrolet big block.

This is a must see!

1964 Street Cheetah disassembly video educational! Financed by PSA Pacific Southwest Airlines. (Tom Friedkin) Original Riverside Red with white and blue hood stripes, 327-340 HP, engine single 4 barrel, also one of the Sears Allstate show cars. This street Cheetah was sold in the last week of December 1966 to an Ohio resident. Price was $3,440. Then it was placed in a barn from 1967 through 2005.